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    Glyn Bishop (Senior School Improvement Officer)

    Glyn has worked in education for 25 years in different leadership roles in a range of schools. He has acted as an LLE (Local Leader of Education) supporting schools in Wakefield to move their performance indicators to Good and better. He was also the Advisory Headteacher for Wakefield LA during which time he worked with a group of leaders to develop the blueprint for the ‘school to school’ accountability models currently being used within Waterton Academy Trust.
    He is an experienced performance coach and has expertise in improving teaching, developing leadership accountability and improving the performance of key members of staff. He has supported schools across the region as the Primary Headteacher Consultant for Yorkshire and Humberside for the SSAT, and also engaged in national policy advice as a member of the National Primary Steering Group. He has presented locally, nationally and internationally on a range of issues including Pupil Engagement with Assessment, Developing Aspiring Leaders, Primary Enterprise and most recently in Assessment within the New Curriculum.

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    Jane Simpkins (School Improvement Officer - English)

    I have been a teaching professional for more than 16 years. Looking at my photo you may find that hard to believe, but my passion for creating enthusiasm for all things literacy amongst our brilliant children has aged me. I'm interested in how we, as a team, can consistently challenge ourselves to create naturally inquisitive minds that want to learn and contribute in a positive way towards our school communities. That means having a relentless focus on quality, working hard, challenging our thinking but above all having fun. A ready supply of tea also helps, as does the occasional cake and biscuit.

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    Liz Greensides (External School Improvement Partner)

    I am now home based in Scholes, Holmfirth, having just completed a very exciting 18 month stint as an interim head teacher in Newcastle. This contract followed many years working across the country as an educational consultant, inspector, trainer, and author of educational publications. I have now chosen to work more locally, with a greater concentration on long term school support, and have taken up a role as a governor at the local high school.
    I have worked independently in schools, for the regional and national NAHT, across many clusters, for a number of Local Authorities, and also through my own conferences. Much of my work has been on data, assessment and all elements of leadership. I have written a range of books, including an annually updated book on the analysis of annual performance data, and the best selling publication, supporting planning and assessment: The Rainbow Continuum. I was also a team and lead Ofsted inspector for several years.
    I use experience from my several different roles to bring an up to date approach to school improvement and development. I make use of my analytical and evaluation skills to effectively support schools in raising children’s achievement across all subjects of the curriculum. I very much enjoy working with schools on all aspects of leadership and management, and put school improvement and development above all other aspects of my work.
    Finally, I have a large-ish family of 3 married sons and 6 grandchildren, and my hobbies include travel, family history, playing music, and playing bridge.

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    James Reid (External School Improvement Partner)

    James has considerable experience as a head teacher in community and grant maintained primary schools, having led seven schools over a twenty-five year period in a range of different settings. His most recent substantive leadership experience was in a very large suburban primary school from 2000 to 2012 but more recently he has worked as an interim head teacher in four schools, including two schools in special measures converting within academy trusts.  James has a strong interest in environmental education and has worked as a local authority lead partner for sustainable development. He has also served as an additional inspector since 2005 and has experience of inspection in over fifty schools.James has played an active role in the local community through his work as chair of an extended services cluster, a schools sports association and a modern languages network. He has worked in supporting the training of teachers under the SCITT scheme and also as a mentor for new headteachers through the Beacon school initiative.Away from work James enjoys walking, golf and beekeeping. James has been subject to an enhanced DBS check.

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    Sarah Wareing (EYFS and KS1 Teaching & Learning Consultant)

    Sarah is an experienced LA and independent EYFS and KS1 Consultant, school leader and EYFS and KS1 teacher and has vast experience of working in schools from very different social demographics. As an EYFS consultant she has worked with leading EYFS professional such as Professor Christine Pascal and Professor Tony Bertram while leading an assessment project for the LA, presented at National Strategy events and became an ACE assessment trainer and nationally accredited moderator. Ofsted have recognised Sarah's contribution to school improvement and working with Headteachers, SLT and teachers to improve practice and develop understanding of child development. She is committed to giving children the best start in life and the gift of high quality teaching so that children love learning and reach their full potential.

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    Mandy Sherrard (Educational Welfare Officer)

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