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    Year 3&4 Waterton Trust Non-Stop Rounders

    What a fantastic evening of striking, throwing, catching and fielding with teams from Sharlston, Normanton Juniors, Walton and Mill Dam. Photos are available to view via the link Year 3 and 4 rounders

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     MATlympics Waterton Sports Extravaganza

    600 pupils from across 10 Wakefield Primary Schools came together to participate in the first Waterton ‘MATlympics’. Pupils took part in a range of competitive events which tested all of their athletic & sporting skills and stamina. As well as the pupils, parents and staff from across the 10 schools, the event was also supported by sports leaders from Pontefract NEW College and Outwood Freeston Academy.
    KS1 photos
    KS2 photos

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    Year 1 & 2 Benchball @ Lee Brigg

    Non-stop action in the Year 1&2 Benchball competition at Lee Brigg Infant School. Teams from Crofton Infants, Normanton Common, Walton, Cherry Tree Lane, Mill Dam and Lee Brigg threw, caught and moved into space throughout this exciting encounter. The competition was close and had to go down to a final round of games to decide the overall winner. Final positions were; joint 5th Walton and Mill Dam, 4th Lee Brigg, 3rd Normanton, 2nd Cherry Tree and 1st Crofton Infants'. Thanks to everyone involved including the young sports leaders from Normanton Common. More action photos at Year 1&2 Benchball

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    Waterton Year 5&6 Handball @ Crofton Academy

    An action packed evening of fast flowing handball with teams from Cherry Tree Lane, Normanton Common, Walton, Sharlston, Normanton Juniors and South Kirby. Throughout the competition player from all teams were developing their skills of throwing, catching, dribbling and shooting with goals been scored left, right and centre. In the end it was Normanton Common who came out champions winning four out of four games with fast smooth passing to create goals closely followed by Sharlston and Normanton Juniors. All the photos are available at Year 5&6 Handball

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    Year 5&6 Football @ Normanton Juniors 21/11/17

    As the weather turns slightly warmer into November so the temperature level of the football with some amazing individual and team skills on show. The stand out players on all seven teams were the goalkeepers. With shots raining down on them there were some amazing saves from outside the area to one on ones. A fantastic tournament which came down to the final game. Final results were 6th Normanton Juniors, Joint 5th Sharlston and Mill Dam, 4th South Kirby, 3rd Walton, 2nd Normanton Common, 1st Cherry Tree.  All the photos are available by clicking on the link Year 5&6 Football

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    Year 3&4 Football @ Normanton Juniors 14/11/17

    With a beautiful afternoon sunset Year 3&4 players from Normanton Juniors, Mill Dam, Cherry Tree, Normanton Common, South Kirby and Walton schools battled it out over a few games of football. In the end it came down to the final game with the host Normanton Juniors just snatching the trophy in the last seconds of their game against second place South Kirby. For all the photos click on the link Year 3&4 Football

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