Waterton Academy Trust

Where success is a shared experience

We endeavour to ensure that the autonomy that we now possess results in everyone at Waterton enjoying a richer experience. Below are examples of the day to day events that we all experience.

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    MATlympics Waterton Sports Extravaganza

    600 pupils from across 10 Wakefield Primary Schools came together to participate in the first Waterton ‘MATlympics’. Pupils took part in a range of competitive events which tested all of their athletic & sporting skills and stamina. As well as the pupils, parents and staff from across the 10 schools, the event was also supported by sports leaders from Pontefract NEW College and Outwood Freeston Academy.

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    MP Andrea Jenkyns visit

    Andrea Jenkyns, Member of Parliament for Morley and Outwood, was invited to visit Waterton Academy Trust, she came to Wrenthorpe Academy as it is within her constituency.

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    Waterton's Got Talent

    Talented pupils from Waterton Academy Trust came together to perform at Wakefield Theatre Royal. A packed audience were treated to a night of singing, dancing, gymnastics, music and comedy in the first Waterton’s Got Talent extravaganza.
    David Dickinson, Chief Executive Officer of Waterton Academy Trust, described the event as ‘a night to remember’. “It was a privilege to be part of the evening and to introduce Waterton pupils from 10 schools onto the stage. Waterton certainly has talent and we are so proud of our children.”
    “The event was one of several initiated by Waterton's Children’s Parliament, who meet each half term to identify ways that we can further improve and enhance their schools. During this year the Parliament have also introduced a Trust newspaper, poetry events and a roving art gallery. Along with a full calendar of sporting events, pupils and staff take every opportunity to collaborate and celebrate the best that working together can bring them.”

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    The Children's University

    Some children from Lee Brigg Infant and Nursery School joined the Children’s University scheme.

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    Musical Celebration

    We presented our first Waterton Academy Trust Musical Celebration! This wonderful event was enjoyed by a packed audience in Wakefield Theatre Royal. The children and staff took the audience on a musical journey through the decades.

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    All schools within the WMAT held their own poetry competitions. The children were required to compose a poem with an Autumn theme. Each school chose winners from their key stages.
    The 24 overall winners came together to spend the day at Howell Wood in South Kirkby. Half the day was spent working with a published author, Andy Tooze, and the other half was spent in the woods carrying out fun activities with the staff from Oak-Forest Schools.
    A superb day was had by all and we discovered what a group of outstanding poets we have in our WMAT. They now have the role of being poetry ambassadors for the year.

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    Waterton Children’s Parliament

    The Trust holds regular parliamentary meetings so as to allow the children to have a say in how we work together.
    The Children's Parliament meets every half-term to discuss current issues across the trust, and every school will have representatives attending to voice the thoughts of their pupils. The Prime Minister and the Deputy help to lead the meetings and put ideas forward to the group.

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    Autumn Rugby Fest

    Teams from within Waterton Academy Trust and our local pyramids came together to take part in our Autumn Rugby Fest. Everyone competed in a hard but sporting manner and had a great deal of fun.

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    Nightingale Project

    Artist Andy Singleton worked with a group of school children from The Waterton Academy Trust to create an installation of 150 birds. Pupils from across the Trust made their own birds, following a demonstration by Andy. Hundreds and hundreds of amazing birds were hatched and it was a difficult job to select just 150, to represent 150 years since Charles Waterton's death. As part of the pupil's experience they had a tour of the museum displays and a special peak behind the scenes. They helped to select the birds and worked with Andy in creating a swirling flock.

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    CPD Event

    Our schools collaborate in a deep peer-to-peer ‘practice sharing’ way. Classroom teachers and school leaders work together across schools and identify aspects they can support others with. The Coaching Programme has been developed to ensure our teaching practice continues to develop and produce outstanding practitioners.

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    Regional Schools Commissioner visit

    Waterton Academy Trust was selected by the new Regional Schools Commissioner Vicky Beer to be the first place she would visit in Wakefield. The Trust also hosted the first gathering of academy leaders. Vicky tweeted ‘A privilege today to meet staff & pupils of Walton Primary Academy, Wakefield @RSC_LWY