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The Directors of Waterton Academy Trust commissioned a review of Governance by the NGA to take place during the academic year 17/18. This was a full 360 degree evaluation of our structures, systems and procedures. The review recommendations led to the restructure  of governance that is currently at the implementation stage.

The new structure proposes the introduction of a new level of Governance, designed to guide the development of growth through localised hubs within the Yorkshire region.

The role of the Local Hub Board (LHB)

The trustees may establish committees to carry out some of its local area and academy level governance functions. As trustees are not required to sit on hub committees, decision-making is delegated. Trustees will appoint the chair.

Typically, delegated functions may include:

  • Building an understanding of how the hub’s academies are led and managed
  • Monitoring whether the academies are:
  • Working within agreed policies
  • Is meeting their agreed targets
  • Managing their finances well
  • Engaging with stakeholders
  • Being a point of consultation and representation
  • Reporting to the board

The role of the Academy Standards Committee (ASC)

The trustees may establish ASCs to carry out some of its academy level functions. Trustees are not required to sit on ASCs. The trustees will appoint the chair, and ensure that two parents are elected to the ASC.

Typically, functions may include:

  • Monitoring and reporting to the LHB regarding agreed educational standards 
  • Engaging with stakeholders 
  • Being a point of consultation and representation

The results of the consultation will be brought to Directors on the 21st March for a final decision.

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